All four team members from Hardwick Moat weddings have worked in the wedding industry, collectively for over 10 years. We are a family run business made up of two brothers and their Fiancée’s. We had spent the past few years working flat out during the wedding season providing marquee structures, mobile bar services and photography packages and knew we could come together with our expertise and experiences to create the perfect wedding venue.

After a while of searching for the perfect location, we got speaking with a local farmer who kindly offered to show us around his farm. Over 400 acres to choose from was slightly overwhelming and then we stumbled across Hardwick Moat. From over 40 years of growth, out poked the roof line of the old barn. We jumped out the car and walked around the front of the moat area on a miserable October morning. Even on the most miserable autumn day the views across the fields towards the woodlands was breath-taking with not a single building or power line in site. The whole site was completely secluded and we knew this what it! Yes the site needed lots of work, turns out far more than we ever anticipated but standing in this same spot today, a year on, it was so worth all the pain, sweat, rain (lots of that) endless hours and investment. Hardwick moat weddings views never fails to wow our visitors!

We look forward to showing you around- From Katy and the team!

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